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Dr. Shashikarshe


Due to the shift in the vibrational frequencies of the universe, my introduction has its own unique style by placing emphasis on Spirit first.

Therefore, before my Bio is this explanation synopsis of why I have been chosen by the Divine Spirit and Ancestors to assist others on their journey to self-realization, self-empowerment, self-transformation, self-awareness, and self-embodiment (to give tangible or visible form to abstract thinking).

In working with clients, inedible this ‘why’ almost, always begin with the same implied basic question of “How Can I Stop or Ease the Pain Within”. With this question, the thought automatically leads back to Dr. Eve Burns of Dream Change Coalition of South American, and how she responded to a similar question.

She was asked by an organization how can they help save the rainforest from devastation. Her awesome response was, “The world is a dream… It is the dream of the Industrialized World that is destroying the forest”. More or less, she wanted them to start with their Industrialized World.

When I am asked “How Can I Stop or Ease this Pain”, my response to the individual is, “It is your dream and you can do anything at Will because it is you dream that is destroying your rainforest within and fragmenting your spiritual destiny.

The rainforest is our lungs of our planet and each individual has an inner spiritual rainforest for their lungs. Therefore, the services offered by Annunaqian Tama-reye Temple—“am pat am ta” honors the inner rainforest in a very deep way, with a very deep connection network.

Each individual is different yet alike, and I, Dr. Candace Lewis-Shashikarshe has a PhD in Theology with Technology and a foundational track record of 20 plus year of Sapp-Fire Shamanic-Alchemy Healing. However through life experiences and exposures, this knowledge has been further channeled through my works in assisting individuals in need.

This channeling comes while I am assisting in the healing process of individuals through mind altering preservation techniques; body stimulating vibrational conservation energy; and spiritual alignment activation procedures.

This matrix process implemented by the Spirit and the Ancestors, propagates (move or transmute something forward) into its timeless, ageless, priceless reservation that has been reserved for all individuals since birth inception of the Spirit.

The ways of this Sapp-Fire Shaman-Alchemist may appears to be quixotic-(impractical) – to some, but it is due to the intensiveness of the information and healing vibrational energies that are channeled through to meet the needs of that particular individual.

There is no need to suffer; there is no need to neglect the yearning of your spiritual calling; and there is definitely no need to allow your inner rainforest to suffer from malnutrition!

All Consultations are Confidential and Private.

If you need a quick fix or to attend to yesterday’s emergencies, this is not the ways of the spirit that resides in our Temple. However, we do address today’s realities to provide tomorrow’s possibilities with permanent spiritual solutions.

Start reawakening your spirit, start walking in Spirit today.

“Wakeup! You Are Alive” and you can reawaken life by scheduling a Dedicated Phone Appointment by calling or texting 702.900.7962.  For messages, please leave Name, call back number, nature of your call.

Service Cost is Based on Client’s needs… Willing to transform Clients that are truly serious about their Life’s Journey.

Remember to exhale, “Breathe To Feel The Earth Vibrating! Everything Is Only Temporary!”

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