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Personal And Planetary Transformation Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is the process of returning Home to the remembrance and knowing self-true inner nature, which is joy, love, peace, and wholeness.  In that process, we learn how to separate from all that keeps us apart from that Oneness, wholeness and completeness of self.

Our physically embodied beings, within the context of space and time, have chosen this unique, precious and sacred opportunity on the Earth plane to grow, learn, and rediscover that which is most central to who we are.  In its highest form, our process of learning and discovery is intended to bless and empower others with unconditional love and attachments.

We have a unique opportunity at this time on the Earth, as the very fibers of space and time are being transformed and infused with higher dimensions of light to become the greatest spiritual being.

This light is purifying and sanctifying all aspects of the physical dimensions of experience, that were previously more separated from spiritual reality.  We have the capacity at this time to know and to feel the Divines’ reality deeply within our own physically embodied experience.  This is a profound gift, that all of us here on the Earth have chosen to receive and participate in.

You, I, We, They, have a beautiful, unique and precious gift to give the world, by being fully your Self, your true divine being, here on the Earth.  All that may have kept you from this experience is now being dissolved and transformed into the dazzling and brilliant holy light of the Divinity that is manifesting more and more each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each year of this sacred time.

This is a precious opportunity to come to know and feel your own divinity, and to manifest your heart’s desire on Planet Ta (Earth).  We welcome you and invited you to participate with us here to share and learn and grow together.

With deepest healing, love, and blessings,  Sekhmet Sapphyre-Sun & Dr. Shashikarshe

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