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Trilogy Shamanic Alchemists

A difficult journey in life; in a sense, is “Like spring water flowing to the desert, where you flow, there is no regeneration.  The desert is known to take. The desert knows no giving. To the giving water of your flowing, it is not in the nature of the desert to return anything but destruction. Spring water flows to the desert, your future is extinction”” quoted by Ayi Kwei Armah. However in the desert, one must have shamanistics attributes to assist others in surviving in the desert.

Yes, as the spring water is to the desert, so is life with conditional love. Love brought each and everyone of us into this world and no love will be our demise and no love will contribute to our demise.  Therefore “Be you transformed by the renewing of YOUR mind” because thy who has health has hope, and thy who has hope has everything.

LOVE can only conquer all only if we do not allow fear and guilt to become the enemies of love because love is the antidote. Build self-esteem, build self-love.  Open your self up to the love of others spiritually, without strings, attachments and/or expectations.  This is a big step since the past tells us about guilt, the present is learning us about self-esteem and self-awareness, and the future is leading us way from fear.

When one has large amounts of self-esteem and self-awareness, one can admit mistakes and failings without undue guilt.  With self-love, comes self-confidence.  With self-confidence, the future is inviting no fear.

I’m not saying that love will banish fear and guilt forever from your life. No, some fear and guilt will always be present to remind us that we’re only human. However we can rest assured that love will shrink fear and guilt down, push them away, put them into their perspective. When you have love, fear and guilt will not be able to trap you in a very small present, afraid of both past and future.  Love unlocks the prison and sets you free.

“Excessive fear and guilt are chains we wrap around ourselves.  Generous amounts of love cuts the chains by putting fear and guilt into perspective, allowing us to go on with our life.”

Allow these Sapph-Fire Shamantic Alchemists assisting in setting you free from the battlefield of the mind.

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