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Divine Healing Dates

Each week, when the Moon is in a Cardinal Sign, we gather together for the purpose of generating HEALING POWER by earnest prayer and concentration. This power may then be used by the INVISIBLE HELPERS who work under the direction of the ELDER MOTHERS & FATHERS, to strengthen and heal the sick and afflicted.

About 6:30 pm (7:30 pm if daylight savings) by your own clock, on the dates given below, sit down and relax in the quiet of your own home or wherever you may be.

Close your eyes and make a mental picture of the Pure White Rose in the center of the Bio-G ij,j=0 Emblem on the west wall of your sacred space.

Then read the HEALING Prayer/Invocation

During the concentration on DIVINE LOVE AND HEALING, put all the intensity of feeling possible, so that you may become a living channel for the Divine Healing Power that comes direct from the Mother/Father God.

After the Healing Service, send the deepest feelings of Love and Gratitude to the Great Physician [Mother/Father God] for the blessing of past and future Healings.

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