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Coming Forth By Drums

Mother Earth Drum Healing Voyage

Mother Earth Drum Healing voyage is available for those who are seriously tired of being sick and tired of not living life to its fullest. 

Why walk around like a Bag Person when all you have to do is look are the person in the mirror by learning the ways of the Spirit and of the Ancestors through the services of the “Africa MotherShift: ‘Heartbeat of Drums’ African Drumming”

No Matter what your needs are, when you join in and encourage others to join with the Coming Forth By Drumming Voyaging Within The “MotherShift: ‘Heartbeats of Time’ Africa Drumming” , you SHALL be renewed; yea shall mount up with wings more vast and boarder than an eagle; yea shall spiritually soar and not be weary; yea shall meditate and not be weary; yea shall conquer the unconquerable and not be defeated; and yea shall definitely set upon the highest of mountains and feal not!!!” 

To Review the Ancestors’ Ordained Purpose Of This Momentous Voyage, Quickly Click Below

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